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A Mini Golf Course Meal by JCSStudio A Mini Golf Course Meal :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 7 3 The Little Cactus Catfish by JCSStudio The Little Cactus Catfish :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 8 11
Dalmatian Testing [Disney/Non-Canon]
London Countryside; Evening
A truck rode down the road, bearing a symbol of Double Dip Ice Cream, as it arrived at the Double Dip Ice Cream Factory, the gates closing once it entered, before going to the garage and parking. The driver got out and went to the back. "Ahhh, took me quite a while to find the right one to test, but I was certainly lucky to have acquired you!" the driver said as he goes to open it up, but grabbed something to prepare for what will happen. "Now come on out my dear." He unlocks the trunk and opens it up. Just then, a sound of angry barking was heard from the trunk. The unseen driver pulls the trunk up and uses his device to grab and restrain his captive: a lovely female adult Dalmatian with a blue collar. "Now, now!" the lad said, starting to pull her. "No need to fight it off! Be a good girl now!" He continues to pull her out. That dalmatian continues to growl angrily at him. Her eyes were beaming at him with such wrath. The man struggled. His worker c
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 8 0
My Small Peryton by JCSStudio My Small Peryton :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 10 19 POLITICAL Vampire Diaries by JCSStudio POLITICAL Vampire Diaries :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 3 10 Bear Over Possum by JCSStudio Bear Over Possum :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 9 7 Gotta GET OUTTA HERE Fast! by JCSStudio Gotta GET OUTTA HERE Fast! :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 13 7 Goldilocks VS Scrapefoot by JCSStudio Goldilocks VS Scrapefoot :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 17 38
Bear Over Possum [Historical Poem, 2017]
A Poetic History of the Teddy Bear and the Billy Possum
Who grew up with a teddy bear?
A bear named after Roosevelt?
Most of you had one once, I felt.
How that cute toy has love to share?
The backstory of Teddy is grand.
That day when Ted refused to shoot,
A bear that was black as a boot,
And tied to a tree on that land.
While the president's men suggest,
Ted to hunt down that helpless beast,
Ted declined with a point. at least,
Poor sportsmanship he can't digest.
The news of thatt November spread,
Artist Clifford Berryman drew,
A charming sketch of it to view.
It soon struck a candyman's head.
The candyman, Morris Michtom,
Spied that very cartoon and lo!
He and his wife, as you'd all know,
Crafted a stuffed bear that's not bum.
With Ted's permission, the name's used,
And the sales of teddies were wild.
The fame of those toy bears weren't mild,
As this legacy isn't bruised.
But I bet you folks never know,
There was another toy like Ted,
But its
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 1 8
You SNOOZE, You Lose! by JCSStudio You SNOOZE, You Lose! :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 14 9 Love Is A Fickle Thing [2012/2013/2017] by JCSStudio Love Is A Fickle Thing [2012/2013/2017] :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 15 7 Hot Crossed Bonnet by JCSStudio Hot Crossed Bonnet :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 14 10 Cleanliness Is Next To... by JCSStudio Cleanliness Is Next To... :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 10 11 Climbing The ''Jewish Alps''? by JCSStudio Climbing The ''Jewish Alps''? :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 11 14
A Star Is Broadened [TTA, Johnny Pew]
As we all know, the fate of a particular movie star was obvious. A famous movie star named Johnny Pew (no relation to the one and only Pepe Le Pew) ended up as a pet to that childish yet dangerous girl, Elmyra Duff. The way how he broke the heart of Fifi La Fume and even made her enraged. From letting her do all the work and even took that photo of himself that Fifi hopes he could sign and signs it to a pink skunk, Bimbette. We already knew that she ended up as a "kitty' to Elmyra while he has that cream-colored baby bonnet on his head. But what later became of him? Well, fate can somehow change from time to time...
The house of Elmyra Duff was like a average two story house in yellow walls and red roof tiles. There was something stirring with a sound of Elmyra's voice. "Aw, cute, wittle kitty witty," her voice cooed. "Your bottle is empty! Time to burp you up good." A sound of a pat was heard and then, suddenly......
The whole house was exploded with blue smoke. Not only that, b
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 4 5
AxeMutt by JCSStudio AxeMutt :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 15 16
Look as you are zooming through the images of the traditional/modern cartoons!


Pistol Packin' Possum by tymime Pistol Packin' Possum :icontymime:tymime 55 17 Happy 26th anniversary, Sonic! by FinikArt Happy 26th anniversary, Sonic! :iconfinikart:FinikArt 418 39 Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette by dwaters220 Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette :icondwaters220:dwaters220 35 5 My Version of Sally Acorn's Re-Design by dwaters220 My Version of Sally Acorn's Re-Design :icondwaters220:dwaters220 40 15 Commission:Night with girls? Never again!! by Dark4Kuran Commission:Night with girls? Never again!! :icondark4kuran:Dark4Kuran 76 66 Espio caught a cold by FinikArt Espio caught a cold :iconfinikart:FinikArt 307 41 Gift .:Happy birthday, Galaxy:. by FinikArt Gift .:Happy birthday, Galaxy:. :iconfinikart:FinikArt 183 24 Savage Company | Page 72 by yitexity Savage Company | Page 72 :iconyitexity:yitexity 146 75 vacation #1 by Holmssie vacation #1 :iconholmssie:Holmssie 36 31 Art Trade - Hedgy Love by DefectiveStudios Art Trade - Hedgy Love :icondefectivestudios:DefectiveStudios 30 15 Happy Halloween 2016 by SariSpy56 Happy Halloween 2016 :iconsarispy56:SariSpy56 18 14 Judy Hopps Strip Tease Line Art 3/6 by ArtOfPhranger
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Judy Hopps Strip Tease Line Art 3/6 :iconartofphranger:ArtOfPhranger 20 7
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The Entertainers by jbwarner86 "LONG LIVE THE WARNER BROTHERS (WB) AND DISNEY!!!!"

Picture by Jesse J. Barboza (jbwarner86)

Wreck-it Ralph by Niban-Destikim "There's one thing I LOVE Disney; There's one think I DISLIKE Disney......."

Picture by =Niban-Destikim

two designed to never lose by Elera
"Those two never cease to amaze me with their OWN fine magic of Disney and Warner Brothers..."

Picture by Elera

Hi-Ho Rainbow by wolfjedisamuel
Experience how other people do sketches on one of my household creations!!!

Picture by Samuel Solemas (Wolfjedisamuel)

Unpopular Oneshot Characters Stamp by SkunkyNoid :thumb445116467:


So much for me, I, too, am an AMY ROSE Fan!! I never hate her nor Princess Sally nor any!! IN this, she looks not only zany like a real...

Holy Stromboli, amiga! I didn't know today is the birthday of that cute, blue lad. I like the way how you did this in a different techn...

Marvelous! Superb! Excellently drawn so great with such technique! I really love crossovers, especially those cartoons combined with th...

Cute, chubby, but mostly the most excellent thing I've ever since! I love it!!! You're the best! ^V^V^V^ When sleepy, it's always a way...


A Mini Golf Course Meal
I didn't have this planned through when I got started on doing the details on the scenery. Well, like the grass, trees, and grass. This was started while me and my family were heading back home on Sunday, June 4th from staying at our friend's home (for our friend's graduation). While the 8 hour drive sure was bumpy, as you recall my inventive use of the bumpy road (and the shaking vehicle), I let my finger bounce along with it to make the outline of the background.

After that, I stopped and wait until we arrived home. When I got back to the picture, I was coloring and adding more of the details on the background. Now that I have got it complete, all I need to do is come up a gag (idea, joke, etc.) and draw the featuring characters.

Usually, I'd come up the gag or idea before drawing it. But in this one, it's the other way around. Yet again, I am still able to come up something a lot the way. That's why I conserve or set those ideas or pictures aside until I feel like finishing it or if I had found the brilliant idea.

But around 11 PM (Monday, June 27th) , just 7 to 10 minutes before midnight (exactly 1:02 AM), THE PERFECT GAG CAME TO ME DURING MY LATE NIGHT SHOWER! AT LAST! A GOOD ONE, TOO!

So here is what I have brew up!


Archimedes is playing golf. ((Although, he detests athletic work like running and lifting weights, he DOES admire golfing as it requires brain work and strategy making.)) He strikes a ball into a forest near Whitendale Acres (a made up place and big town I wanted to add to the world)). Apparently, it seems to be nowhere in sight.

So he searches for the ball for the past 5 minutes until he comes across an old friend (who appeared in that Halloween comic story with Xavier and the Jersey Devil from October 21st - October 31st, 2014). That coonigator, Coolidge, which he invites him, Xavier, and many others at the Halloween party. To Archimedes, he wonders if he has seen his golf ball.

The answer?

Let's say that he has a Mini Golf COURSE MEAL a while ago...

Oh, dear.....

Reminds you of that one obstacle course in a golf game that has an alligator or a crocodile for the ball to go into its mount, doesn't it?

Note 1: While you already know about weeks of coming up some gag for this image, I realized that this coonigator hasn't appeared since Halloween of 2014. While you had another coonigator, like Katherine Stripefang, later then, Coolidge remained absent. That's when I decide to bring him back after his previous appearance which was .... 2 years, 7 months 3 weeks, and 3 days ago!

Note 2: I also realized he had no surname or last name. But I can crank this up very easily. I know! Du Fleckfort. Because Vermont was first settled by the French, I picked in some French surname suffixes while adding in something connecting to stripes like STREAK or FLECK.

Du (French for OF or OF THE) + Fleck (synonym for stripe, ribbon, band, streak, etc.) + fort (one of the French suffix at the end, for FORT, I'm guessing) = Du Fleckfort.

Mirth of the Mirth ®
Myth of the Mirth ™
Troublesome Critters®
Troublesome Critters™

Archibald "Archimedes' Wedgeholm and Coolidge Du Fleckfort © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

1:08 AM, Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


The Little Cactus Catfish
On Saturday, June 24th, I crack up this idea that night (or maybe it was during morning). It was a simple yet clever gag that relates to one of those "That's it! No more whatever food or drink for me / before bed!" This time, on dear Carlos.

However, there was a female cactus cat who appeared since "A Troublesome Summer Vacation" image (on
Friday, June 17th, 2016). I can't believe I have not used her for 1 year, 1 week, and 2 days. But I figure this would be very opportune to revive this cactus gal gal named CARMEN.

So if cactus cats are cats made out of cactus or living cactuses that are in a feline form, they oughta have some traits from one. Other than getting lots of water and cactus juices, they oughta eat things that cats would enjoy catching. Like fish, rabbits, and mice, for instance. Now in this case, something like a CATFISH?


Carlos had catfish for a while until this kind of dream came in.

Carmen the Cactus Catfish?!

To him now, it makes him feel ike a cannibal, which is why he has substain himself from eating catfish from now one.

I can't tell which to use now to end this?

Either this is a CATTY remark or this is rather a too FISHY way to end this...

Note: For Carmen, I just crack up her surname: Espinemonte. Espina (Spanish for SPIKE / THORN) + Monte (Spanish for MOUNTAIN).

Mirth of the Mirth ®
Myth of the Mirth ™
Troublesome Critters®
Troublesome Critters™

Xavier Hatchetstein, Carlos Espina-Gato (also Carlos Catthorn), and Carmen Espinamonte © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

4:12 PM, Monday, June 26th, 2017

What a week and weekend I had. The last week, I mean. I've been producing lots of ideas or pictures lately. Those that I have just recently came up and those who I came up a long time ago (like 4 days back, a week back, or more). It seems like I am on a roll again lately. This time, my proficiency isn't stressing or tiring me out. I seem nonchalantly confident on what to draw next, especially TC lately. 

Although, those pictures that were drawn in blue ink seems to be a new thing. Connecting to history or some part of literature, for instances, that had a brilliant gag or twist to it. 

Plus, I've been thinking of doing a spin-off to something from Van Ness (April 14th, 2015). Mostly on that pet Italian Greyhound owned by that gamer-type character, Rudolph Kade. That, you remember due to his master plays and knows video games, pet dog's name is POLYBIUS. I see some bit of kind of a spin-off. 

That is, if I can find the right formula. 

Those are what seem to go on lately for the past week, folks.
London Countryside; Evening

A truck rode down the road, bearing a symbol of Double Dip Ice Cream, as it arrived at the Double Dip Ice Cream Factory, the gates closing once it entered, before going to the garage and parking. The driver got out and went to the back. "Ahhh, took me quite a while to find the right one to test, but I was certainly lucky to have acquired you!" the driver said as he goes to open it up, but grabbed something to prepare for what will happen. "Now come on out my dear." He unlocks the trunk and opens it up. Just then, a sound of angry barking was heard from the trunk. The unseen driver pulls the trunk up and uses his device to grab and restrain his captive: a lovely female adult Dalmatian with a blue collar. "Now, now!" the lad said, starting to pull her. "No need to fight it off! Be a good girl now!" He continues to pull her out. That dalmatian continues to growl angrily at him. Her eyes were beaming at him with such wrath. The man struggled. His worker cap falling off, revealing not only his bald head, but what little hair he has was half black and half white. "Get... over here!" He grunted, pulling  the dalmatian out of the truck and dragged her out of the garage and into another room. While that dalmatian was struggling, she looks around to where she is inside now.

She was taken into a large lab with large vats that housed ice cream, a line of water that went down towards the outside, and various chemical sets on the table. The man grunted as he dragged the Dalmatian over to a contraption and managed to strap her in by her waist, getting her off the ground, and removing the neck restraint from her. "Ahh! There!" the man sighs with relief before checking the Dalmatian's dog tag. "Hmmm... Perdita. Alright then." He goes over to a table and puts a lab coat on, one that had a name tag named 'P.H. De Vil' and grabs a clipboard. "Subject name: Perdita." He writes it down. When he was adding Perdita's name, the poor dalmatian gasped when she caught sight of that name tag. She knows that is the same surname as Cruella's. "Now then, Miss Perdita, I have a need for your... 'acquired' assistance," said Doctor De Vil. "I have need for you to test out a new ice cream flavor that I have managed to create. And who better than an animal, like you!" He teasingly pokes her nose. However, she did not like that. She responded with a growl. Like I'll ever trust anyone who is related to Cruella... Perdita thought.

P.H. De Vil goes to a nearby console and pulls a lever. "Now then, here's my new creation! Double Dip Circus Blimp Ice Cream!"  He lowers down was a contraption that looked like a carton of ice cream, as well as a robotic arm and hand with a spoon, that had a spoonful of the ice cream. "Now then... let's see the results!" He said as he starts to control the hand and arm, shoving it into Perdita's mouth.  "OOF!" gagged Perdita. She coughed a bit, but then detects something savory with that flavor. She licks her lips and then smiles. Her eyes beamed while she begins to look very interested. Gracious me! Thought the surprised dalmatian. This feels awfully delicious! Whatever it is, I must have more! She begins to look happy, barking for more.

"Hmmm... positive reaction," the scientist said, writing it down before operating the arm again, scooping another spoonful and feeding it to the Dalmatian. She savors it before gulping it down. Very refreshing and delicious... cooed the canine darling in her mind, wagging her tail. "One more and the side effect should begin..." said the scientist. He  operates the arm and scoops up some more ice cream, shoving it into Perdita's mouth.


suddenly, the Dalmatian's body bulged out a bit, making her look a bit pudgy. " Ahh! There we go!" P. H. De Vil cooed as he operates the arm and shoves another spoonful of ice cream into the Dalmatian's mouth. Must have more.... she thought to herself, addicted to this ice cream while she isn't aware of her changing figure. I can't seem to get enough of this stuff... P. H. De Vil gives her a few more spoonfuls of ice cream...


Perdita's body bulged out more, making her become bigger than even the more husky hounds and with her legs pressing against her.  The De Vil scientist stops and goes to her. He examines and poking her, writing down the results. "Hmmm... no fat inside, but air..." He strokes her. "Rubber like but still furry... and the spots are being slightly stretched in your case." Once Perdita gulps down her servings, she begins to think, Why do I suddenly feel like a beach ball? The Dalmatian turned her head to see why. She became shocked at seeing her bulged out backside. P.H. goes back to the control pad and presses a button, sending a robotic claw down to Perdita's head to turn it back and face it back to the hand, operating it and feeding her another spoonful. This ice cream must be the reason I am blowing up like a living balloon, thought Perdita, feeling enticed by this ice cream. But I can't seem to resist this delicious flavor! How could I ever resist this!? She eventually smiled for a while after that. The scientist fed the Dalmatian more and more of the ice cream, writing down the side effect results in the process.


Perdita's body bulged out once again. Her legs begin to merge into her growing, rounding body. "Hmmm... you're quite bloating up," he said, as he begins to ponder. "I wonder how much you can eat before you burst." BURST!? This made Perdita gulp nervous. She did not like the idea of that. P.H. De Vil continues to shove more spoonfuls of the ice cream into his now very worried captive.


Perdita's body bulged out once again, her body more round like with her legs nearly fully absorbed into it. Feeling awfully full... moaned the dalmatian in mind, But this is still too yummy to resist! P.H. continues to operate the arm, feeding the growing Dalmatian more ice cream.


Perdita's body bulged out once more. Her legs now fully absorbed into her body up to her paws and most of her neck was gone; only enough to keep her collar from choking against her. Her body a big round blimp with her head, paws, and tail sticking out. P.H. De Vil then heads over with a clipboard and examines the round Dalmatian, taking notes. "Hmmmm... interesting... yes..." he muttered. When will I ever stop eating this!? Perdita thought, feeling awfully tight all around. She hiccuped a bit. "Now then, let's see if we can get results when you exp-..." before P.H. De Vil could finish....

An alarm went off while the red light flashes.

P.H. jumps a bit, responding, "Oh drats! Now what?!" He goes to the monitors to check what's the commotion. "AH! my formulas!" He gasped, scurrying over towards the door, leaving Perdita alone. He's gone! Perdita thought with a relieved smile. Now's my chance to get out of this mad dog house! She wiggled in her holder, flapping her paws trying to get free, but the claw around her round waist was kept secure on her. Aw, dear! she hissed in mind while she growled in frustration.


Suddenly, the sounds of a hound barking happened, and it was close. The barking sounded very familiar to the Dalmatian. "Perdy!" a voice was heard. Running up was another Dalmatian, male with black ears and wearing a red collar. "Pongo!" Perdita barked happily. "I thought you'll never be able to find me!" Pongo then runs over and immediately nuzzles and licks Perdita's head. "I was so worried about you, dear. I'm so sorry I wasn't here sooner." He said. "I'm just happy that you got here anyway," said Perdita. "Get me outta here before that mad doctor comes back and sees you here!" "Alright," he barked, "Hang on!" That hero went to the console and looks at it, trying to find which one releases her. "Mmmmm... ah! " He reacted when he has found on and pushes it.

In an instant, the claw around her waist opened up, releasing the bloated Dalmatian onto her belly. "Aw, that's better!" she sighed as she gently floats downward and bounce a little like a ball. Perdita's mate smiles happily before he goes to the bloated Perdita, nuzzling her head. "I made sure that that madman will be gone for a while," said Pongo, "but we better get out of here!" That bold dalmatian looks around for an exit before seeing the water line that. "That water line!" He barked as he goes to his wife's side and rolls her towards it. "That leads to the river... we can use it to escape!" "Let's hope I'm not too big to go through..." gulped the nervous Perdita. "I hope so, too," Pongo shared his same concern, takings a deep breath. "Here we go!" He rolls Perdita in, watching her go down into the tubing and fitting in easily before he gets in, being swept away. Once they did, P. H. De Vil comes back in. "So sorry about that... now where wer-" He didn't finished, because he has spotted the absense of his test subject, Perdita. The mad doctor has realized that she was gone, becoming angry and yelling.

The dalmatians were swept down the tubing like a fast water slide. "Weeeee!" Perdita howled excitedly, "This is so fun actually!" Pongo was catching up to the bloated Dalmatian, chuckling at Perdita's reaction. The tubing soon came to an end. The Dalmatians falling out and landing in the river.


*They both landed in, Perdita floating back up first and down the river. "That was fun!" she chuckled as she shakes her head violently to get some water off of her face. Pongo rises back up, gasping for air before seeing Perdita floating. He manages to swim himself over to her. "Are you alright, Perdy?" He asked. "I sure am," she nods. "Thank you for rescuing me." Pongo: smiles before he turns Perdita to her side. He then starts to climb up onto her belly, getting himself comfortable as the two floated down. "Don't worry, we'll be back in London in no time at all," he said as he looks down at her head. "That is, if this river will take us to the River Thames," she mentioned. "Don't worry. I followed the river," he assured, licking her chin fondly and snuggling her affectionately. "I was so worried about what that man was doing to you." "That man appears to be named P.H. De Vil," explained the bloated dog. "He was using me for a lab rat for his ice cream that was making me bloat like a balloon. He then attempts to see how much I can handle before I burst..." Pongo gasped, "Oh dear..." Then, he nuzzles and snuggles Perdita to comfort her. "There, there, you're safe now. I'll make sure nothing will harm you." "It sure was a good thing you managed to foil the plan of that relative of Cruella!" she smiles.

Pongo chuckled, snuggling his wife and feeling how big and soft she had become. "Mmmmm..." he cooed, snugglin her. "That tickles," she cooed, "yet it feels so nice..." Pongo smiled, complimenting her, "You feel so soft... " He licks her belly. "This new body of yours suits you very much." This makes the female dalmatian's face reddened. "You really think so, Pongo?" she cooed, feeling flirted. Pongo nods as the two floated down, past some trees that had flowers on them. The dalmatian plucks one and places it against Perdita's ear gently."Oh, ho, you..." chuckled the flattered Perdita. Pongo chuckles before he reaches over and rubs noses with Perdita. "Oh, Pongo," she crooned, "You are my top dog." Pongo grinned as the plains settings began to change slowly. The Dalmatian looked at his wife's face, seeing that she had 'the look' on her face. She tittered. Pongo was starting to get 'the look' on his face as well, gently licking her belly before moving into position. "I love you, Pongo," Perdita howled softly. "Mmmm... I love you too Perdita." he said back as he licks her belly affectionately, when he suddenly thrusted against her. She begins to giggle even more.

As the two floated and made love, they had arrived back in London on a foggy night, floating down the river. "Pongo, we're here!" Perdita said, realizing the London Bridge. Pongo looks around, responding back. "We are. " He once more licked her belly as the two floated down, heading down in the direction to the park. "That was sure fun," she admits. Pongo chuckles as he made love to Perdita down the river, sighing with relief and nuzzling her. "You sure put up a lot more fun back there," she said, winking at him. The two floated down until they finally reached shore. "What a relief," she sighed. Pongo snickered before he got off his mate. "Let me roll you back home." said his mate, "I bet Roger and Anita are worried sick about you." "I believe so," she nodded with agreement, "And woried about you, too." Pongo grinned broadly before he went to Perdita's side and pushed against it, rolling the dalmatian blimp towards the exit of the park. "What a dog gone night this has turned out to be," she admits. Pongo giggled at his mate's pun as he rolled her.

Next day in the paper, an investigation at the Double Dip Factory had revealed P.H.'s experiments in illegal animal eating and had caused it to shut down. While Perdita was still a big canine blimp, she was more than happy to be safe and by her husband's side throughout it all.

However, things won't be quite the same later on... After Perdita's pregnancy. But that's for another time.

Dalmatian Testing [Disney/Non-Canon]
Note: One part might seem a bit too awkward or suggestive. Just thought I'd warn you since this is what my collaborator inserted in this one.

Roleplaying with Patrick aka :iconww07kid: sure feels like the good old times are here. It sure has been a while. Sometimes I hate it when I want to roleplay with something, at the same time, I don't have an idea yet. In other words, I had moments when I did not thought this through. But thanks to Pat, he pulled out a quick idea.

Summary: Perdita had been dog-napped and taken to a laboratory owned by one P.H. De Vil (Who is from the animted series of 101 Dalmatians ) where she's being subjected to test out new dog junk food he had created and test for its side effects. Being forced to try it out, Perdita, while not liking the flavor, becomes quite hooked onto it, but it also causes her body to balloon out each time she eats more, up until she's a big dalmatian blimp. Also, this will be mainly off the 1961 movie (even if P.H. didn't appear in it). A non-canon idea of a story.




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of SPACEBALLS (which was released on June 24th, 1987), directed by Mel Brooks.

How this satire out of all the notable science fiction films before 1987 rock our planet.

To give a nod to this, I thought I'd present this scene, which appears to be my most personal favorite!


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For years I love cartooning and do artwork! Like back in the year 2000, I became interested in art and drawing! My skills went pretty good until the the time like 2003 or 2004, I became interested in cartooning! Chappy the Cat, Mario the Mario, and Josiah the Guard Ghost became the first J.C.S characters I created in September 2004! Years of doing cartoons later than I made more cartoons during the following years: Marvin and Mike Mouse (2005), Tarfild (2005), Toony Friends (2006), Margaret and Geraldine (2007), CARTOONS (2007), Greene (2009), and many more into today! Thus, I will never retire my favorite career!:D I like old school cartoons and all kinds!;) Yes, I like Disney, Warner Brothers, and all kinds of cartoons from the past to the present! I even like voice-acting, animating, singing, dancing, and lots of talents I had! I still LOVE to cartoon! That's why there's Josiah Shockency or you can say my initials, J.C.S! :)

Of course, I had high-functioning autism, so yeah, I AM autistic, but not really! Mine's is going very well! ;)

I was born on March 4, 1996! ;)

Yes, my goal and dream is to make or produced cartoons in traditional way! In other words, I love to make it old-school'd! Like Disney, WB, etc. I always adore it! Never gonna stop! XD Believe me!

Yes, I am a Christian and I feel so happy about it! ^V^

I'm part Irish and Mexican, although I am somehow part Dutch and British, because of my 12th great grandfather, William Bradford, the Governor of the pilgrims and the Mayflower back in the 1600s.

Terranol :iconterranol: is my little brother, Caleb Shockency! Mike Mouse is my brother's character! ;P

My closest friend, Abigail Johnson, known as Chuchumunga :iconchuchumunga: , but now, Amireely :iconamireely: and is also Maggie Bunny, plus owns Tuffy Bunny!

Another friend of mine, Zachary Dodge :iconsonicfanboy95:

And here's my friend, Zachary Rigins :iconssbbmaster4213:

Also, my dear friend, Brandon Hale: :iconlebrandonhale:

Along with my friend from my college, Christian :iconfireriolu:

Remember, every cartoon I did is rated G : (General)! ;D

Plus, if you want to be a JCS fan or something, join up or check out this club: :iconjcscartoonsclub:

Not to mention....since I'm a Topps' WACKY PACKAGE fan, I decided to open up a club for all Wackies (fans or members of the club) : :iconwackypackagesfanclub:

Also a club for all the sports-oriented events on the Summer and Winter Olympics, FIFI WORLD CUP, PARALYMPICS, etc. :icontheolympicgamesclub:


These pictures are protected under the laws of Josiah Shockency (JCS), of the United States of America and other countries.Any unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution or use may result in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.

© MMX (Since 2010) JCS All rights reserved.

All the cartoons, all the names, or any similarity of these are trademarks to JCSCARTOONS.

Old JCS Cartoons Banner by JCSStudio

In memory of these deviants:

Whammy51 :iconwhammy51:

AzumiAngel :iconazumiangel: (May 26, 2008 - Nov 20, 2011)

Roberto (Your Friendly Fanboy) aka. CartoonFanaticDude22 :iconcartoonfanaticdude22: - Jul 30, 2010 to August 17, 2014

ShadowtheHedgehog475 :iconshadowthehedgehog475: (Apr 18, 2012 - January 30th, 2013)

Hippinite :iconhippinite:
Mar 8, 2011 - Jul 12th, 2015

MarshallTrap :iconmarshalltrap: (from France) "saucisse" Jul 10th, 2008 - August 9th, 2015

E-Vay (Dec 2, 2006 - September 20, 2015 ) :icone-vay:

:iconslimecrime: SlimeCrime "I haven't been TO that town, but I've been through it." [Dec 12th, 2013 - April 30th, 2017] "goodbe jcsstudio, take care of the axe snout doggos for me. 👋"


Current Residence: Visalia, California
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite genre of music: All kinds, mostly Jazz
Favourite style of art: Classic
Skin of choice: white
Favourite cartoon character: Lots, mostly Mickey, Sonic, and Dandy
Personal Quote: "Well, Good Golly!"

Favorite Cartoonists:

Derrick Fish :iconderrickfish:
Mike Kazaleh :iconmkaz:
Favorite Pokemon: Buizel :iconbuzielplz:

'I am NOT a Furry' Stamp by Caffeine-Master Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX Cartoon lovers stamp by Noerusan Autism Stamp by theestephasaurusrex Autism Awareness by Rankuu Autism Stamp by JENNY-87 ++ See The Person by dimruthien Anti Bully Stamp by Bjnix248

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