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Modern Roommates [2017] by JCSStudio Modern Roommates [2017] :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 1 0 Jerky Jaguar: Out Of The Big Top by JCSStudio Jerky Jaguar: Out Of The Big Top :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 16 23 Checkmate! by JCSStudio Checkmate! :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 8 1 Ave Holly by JCSStudio Ave Holly :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 8 19
An Evening With A Cat [Fievel Goes West]
Green River, Utah; Waul's Kit-Kat Saloon
On the stage of the saloon, Tanya Mousekewitz, clad in new, blue, frilly saloon girl outfit the owner had given her, was preforming before the entranced, feline audience. The cat audience were cheering for the mouse, some even guzzling down their drinks.
" All the girls you left behind could fill up California," she proceeds in her now notable saloon hit,
Please don't leave them too darn long, I think I oughta warn ya,
Absence makes the heart go cold and makes a heart to wander,
If you stay there by their sides, you'll feel their hearts grow fonder...
"Hope you see her someday
Hope I find my way
Back to the girl I left behind
" The cats sang along, too.
Up on his balcony seat was Cat R. Waul, laughing as he was enjoying seeing Tanya on stage. It didn't take long for her to finish off her song and gives them all a graceful bow. All the cats cheer and applaud Tanya as the curtain fell between her. Waul claps happily bef
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 5 3
40 Years Of The Pizza Family Fun by JCSStudio 40 Years Of The Pizza Family Fun :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 17 43 A Sham Showdown... by JCSStudio A Sham Showdown... :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 9 12 Simple-MINED-Edness! by JCSStudio Simple-MINED-Edness! :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 11 7 Milton Knight, Jr. by JCSStudio Milton Knight, Jr. :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 13 11
Mink-Napped [Animaniacs / Minerva]
Inside her hollow log home, Minerva Mink was humming her song while drying herself off after a good shower.
"It's not pretty being me,
Just try it and you'll see,
It's harder than you think,
to be a gorgeous mink!

She hums along, wrapping herself in towels before exiting the bathroom.
"La la da da da da dee! It's not pretty being me! "
She removes the towel wrapped around her now dry, poofy long hair.
While she gets herself dressed for another day, there was a familiar someone is is just hoping to get his paws on that white-coated goddess. A bumbling yet determined mutt with long, black ears and a long snout with a red ball-like nose. It was none other than Newt, the old rival of that 'gorgeous' mink. "I have experienced many trials and errors," admitted the schnauzer, "But learning from my mistakes, I shall take advantage of how to use them to benefit my attempts!"
Minerva goes to her closet to see what she could wear for today. "Hmmm... now let's see here..." She searc
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 7 2
No War Bonds, But Love Bonds! by JCSStudio No War Bonds, But Love Bonds! :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 15 17 A Fearsome Blast From The Troublesome Past! by JCSStudio A Fearsome Blast From The Troublesome Past! :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 9 12
Mouser Marionette [Rescue Rangers]
The Sewers
Down below the streets of the city inside the dank sewers, an echo of sad moaning could be heard from the distance, followed by growls of frustration. With cold, wet, and dirty waters flow smoothly on the ravine of the sewer, we see a light coming from the distance beyond. As we zoom in, we can see quite clearly that it was leading to some underground theater and one that's been very well kept clean.
On the stage was a tall alligator with yellow eyes that had two colored irises, red and green, clad in the garb of a pirate, and he didn't look happy. "Oh, the pain of it all!" the gator by the name of Sewernose moaned, "OH THE PAIN!" He holds a script as he performs out his woes, "To be mocked and flushed down on opening night! It's... it's exasperating!" Suddenly goes from upset to frustrated. "Those critics that mocked me!" Sewernose growled crossly, "How DARE they not see such a performance before them!" Soon, he reverts from being  frustrated to upset "Oh... it's my ow
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 8 3
What Is Mad? by JCSStudio What Is Mad? :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 11 7
Death Service [2014, Drama Script Project]
Act I
The scene shows a fairly dressed maid on the hallway. The maid was dressed with a white apron and her black hair was bobbed with a hand sized hair band. She was also wearing some high heel slippers. It was Miss Yvonne Milt, the housekeeping maid of the mansion, once owned by Franco McAuliff. The young fellow was murdered last night as soon, the maid had heard downstairs with a caucusof all the household people, including the brother of Franco. She was aware of the meeting, but was too busy housecleaning, so she didn't participate.
Yvonne, who is on the right side of the stage, was carrying some stack of blankets. She was about to open her bedroom door as she commented.
Yvonne: (British accent, calm) "Such a pity that I got laundry to do..."
She finally opens the door. By the time she enters to the left, she's not aware that Franco's brother and detective, John McAuliff was hiding on the wall where the door would hit. John was wearing a trench coat, black slacks, and some polished
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 2 0
Mother Furrball [Tiny Toon Adventures]
Acme Looniversity was busy as usual. All the students were in their classes with more tips on cartoon antics. There was something going on in the science lab. We see that there was someone working on some piece of machinery. A lot of bolts, gears, tubes, transistors, all the compartments on that pile were there on that table. We take a look on the other side and we see a familiar student. A slate-gray-furred coyote with inner faded light gray fur, a big, red nose, and some red and white running shoes. It appears that Calamity, by another name, is busy working on another project. He was digging through something until some familiar voice broke in.
Hey, Calamity!' the voice peeped in as it startles the concentrating coyote.
Something exploded in front of his face that blew away the pile of compartments away. The sound of coughing and wheezing was heard as the cloud clears away. We see Calamity with his face all covered with soot as he shakes his head to get them off him. He turns to wher
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 11 0
Look as you are zooming through the images of the traditional/modern cartoons!


Having too much kids... by Junited Having too much kids... :iconjunited:Junited 1 2 Bath-Time (Gumball) by SquirrelCat1998V2 Bath-Time (Gumball) :iconsquirrelcat1998v2:SquirrelCat1998V2 1 1 soNaMy rulZ by Natsumi-Nyan soNaMy rulZ :iconnatsumi-nyan:Natsumi-Nyan 5 2 Commission - American Tale as Old as Time by FantasyFlixArt Commission - American Tale as Old as Time :iconfantasyflixart:FantasyFlixArt 41 12 Heroes United by mewmewspike Heroes United :iconmewmewspike:mewmewspike 13 3 Cheers ladies by nymeriadire Cheers ladies :iconnymeriadire:nymeriadire 5 7 Selfie Moms by MeltingMan234 Selfie Moms :iconmeltingman234:MeltingMan234 16 0 Boris the Wolf sez Hi by spongefox Boris the Wolf sez Hi :iconspongefox:spongefox 17 1 COMMISSION: Stretch those Hammies by Trowelhands COMMISSION: Stretch those Hammies :icontrowelhands:Trowelhands 155 23 Oh You Bad Wee Bastards!! by Trowelhands
Mature content
Oh You Bad Wee Bastards!! :icontrowelhands:Trowelhands 39 11
[Commission] Baby Twily by LaydeeKaze [Commission] Baby Twily :iconlaydeekaze:LaydeeKaze 34 5 A little change for my fursona Gus by Crystalsonicfan A little change for my fursona Gus :iconcrystalsonicfan:Crystalsonicfan 8 1 Danbuster in Sonic Forces by DCLeadboot Danbuster in Sonic Forces :icondcleadboot:DCLeadboot 11 18 Escaping from Master Cylinder by Poppi10lg Escaping from Master Cylinder :iconpoppi10lg:Poppi10lg 4 0 SSU Bios: Azuki-Arai by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Azuki-Arai :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 3 1
The Entertainers by jbwarner86 "LONG LIVE THE WARNER BROTHERS (WB) AND DISNEY!!!!"

Picture by Jesse J. Barboza (jbwarner86)

Wreck-it Ralph by Niban-Destikim "There's one thing I LOVE Disney; There's one think I DISLIKE Disney......."

Picture by =Niban-Destikim

two designed to never lose by Elera
"Those two never cease to amaze me with their OWN fine magic of Disney and Warner Brothers..."

Picture by Elera

Hi-Ho Rainbow by wolfjedisamuel
Experience how other people do sketches on one of my household creations!!!

Picture by Samuel Solemas (Wolfjedisamuel)

Unpopular Oneshot Characters Stamp by Squillarah :thumb445116467:


So much for me, I, too, am an AMY ROSE Fan!! I never hate her nor Princess Sally nor any!! IN this, she looks not only zany like a real...

Holy Stromboli, amiga! I didn't know today is the birthday of that cute, blue lad. I like the way how you did this in a different techn...

Marvelous! Superb! Excellently drawn so great with such technique! I really love crossovers, especially those cartoons combined with th...

Cute, chubby, but mostly the most excellent thing I've ever since! I love it!!! You're the best! ^V^V^V^ When sleepy, it's always a way...


Modern Roommates [2017]
A drawing that proposes to a kind of a plot line that involves the theme of the modern day. Not just for the present setting, but something speaks out of political voices of the people. This takes in a familiar turn on a concept like that short story I wrote back on January 2015, entitled, "HIGHER THAN A RAINBOW FLAG". You recall the idea that involves the bonding between the two different communities: the STRAIGHT community and the community from the LGBTQ [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer]. I have mentioned to you folks that I have experienced and met these kind of people. I respect them, I befriend them, and I love them as fun friends to be around with. I strongly believe we are now living in the time when both of them can be together and I think that is what's going on for the good in the 21st Century (which we are in now)!

Anyway, I still love the idea of having two characters: one who is heterosexual and the other one who is a lebsian or a bisexual. To be honest, this basically is pretty much the same as "Higher Than A Rainbow Flag" (or HTARF). But there is something that I'd like to give in for this. For this straight character, if you noticed the flag of one of the sexual orientations, he appears to be a STRAIGHT ALLY or a HETEROSEXUAL ALLY. That would mean this dude is in favor to those whose orientation is different and supports those rights. For the gal next to him, you might've guessed by the flag, she is bisexual.

Now I drew out how the characters are, based on me (with deliberate changes) and my dear friend ((who should be arranged and depicted a bit different in order to protect the innocent)). I always love this idea of two roommates who are in the same room or apartment as they go into some adventures. More of like good friends than a couple. You would have Alan Selig Garland (the one with his phone charging) and Kristyn Isadora Mathison (who is the one looking up happily while being in front of the door).

I figure this oughta be entitled, "MODERN ROOMMATES".

Hope you guys like this ideal proposal.


Art and characters like Alan S. Garland and Kristyn I. Mathison © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

8:03 PM, Monday, May 22nd, 2017


That WAS the GREATEST Show On Earth! 

I'm so happy me and my family gets to see this LIVE online! 

Jerky Jaguar: Out Of The Big Top
Update: 3:33 PM, May 21st. I'd like to thank my middle brother, Caleb, for showing me and sharing me about South Africa. I am really enticed by that place. That was how I come up with that choice that those animals will roam around. From a city like Johannesburg to the wild. 

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus: The Greatest Show On Earth

[April 10th, 1871 - May 21st, 2017] 146 Years, 5 Weeks, 6 Days

It is a pity to see it cease operation, marking today, Sunday, May 21st, 2017 as the end of the era of the oldest circus and the end of the circus format. With reports of animal cruelty and poor sales of tickets to keep the business ongoing, it's no wonder that the Feld Entertainment has to close it permanently.

On the bright side, there are new kind of circuses that require no use of animals. It mostly uses humans the whole time for your amazement. This kind of genre, also known in French as "Nouveau Cirque", existed in the 1970s while the Ringling Brother was still in operation. So we still get to see some acrobats, clowns, high wire actors, and many other performers. As for the animals, it's very likely that they might be donated to zoos, conventional shows, or even an animal sanctuary, due to becoming helpless after years of being in human conveniences. How would they survive in the wild? Guess those options might be the only ones.

Note that the last show will be performed at : 7:00 PM ET/4:00 PM PT Live on Facebook and Youtube [[and I think on cable, too]].

While this circus ends, I know most of you are wondering: What will become of my circus series and character, JERKY JAGUAR (Originally created in 2005, revived in 2012)?

Oh, at first, I was thinking of discontinuing him. But I didn't do it just yet. However, later then, like weeks went by, I had some kind of a resolution for that leopard. I had an idea that his circus (which is like the Ringling Brothers), the SHAUGHNESSY BROTHERS CIRCUS, are going to send the animals back to their animal habitats. However, after years of being together, they'd rather stick together. So they drop them off to South Africa. More correctly in or near Johannesburg. So there, they are all there in their new home...

Poor Jerky...

He was so fond of entertaining people and amuse the crowd. He always has a wonderful time in those tents. Sure, there have been some accidents and some moments of getting toughened, but he didn't let that bother him. He was so attached to the circus life. And now that his career is over, he is suddenly into deep depression. He feels like his life is now meaningless. Pointless. Unreasonable. His friends are trying their best to cheer him up. Sapphire, Terrell, all the others.

Napoleon, that lion with a fez that has the All Seeing Eye and a waist band, begs to differ. He has been one of those lions who are from the segment with a lion tamer for too long. He is sick and tired of getting whipped to obey the tamer who holds out a chair. He was glad that he is not in a circus anymore. He doesn't see why Jerky should be so unhappy about the end of the circus years. However, he doesn't seem to have much with hunting experience now that he just asked for pizza. Guess that will mean that all the elephants, lions, tigers, bears, and many others will have to remain together. That would include defending their friends and family from becoming prey to the innately wild animals. Perhaps one of the wild animals would be either amazed by the antics of the Shaughnessy Brothers Circus animals; or perhaps they would be confused by it or scared by them.

What happens to Slowpoke the grouchy snail? Well, I have no idea what to do with him, even though my middle brother, Caleb let me possessed him for now on since he doesn't use him anymore. Maybe something happened during the transportation of the animals into South Africa. Either he got lost or got squashed along the way. Who knows. Sorry, folks...

But for Docson? Even though he is not in this picture, fear not. He will show up soon!

And there you have it!

I am planning a new chapter or a rejuvenated series out of the classic series. So don't worry, folks! Jerky will still be around.

Stay tuned for "Jerky Jaguar: Out Of The Big Top"

Note: I am trying my best to think through. My main concern is coming up some idea that might take too much of a turn like MADAGASCAR from Dreamworks Animation when you have those animals from a New York City Zoo and end up in the wild. ((Even in those movie, they went to some circus)). I sure hope I don't end up making up a rip-off unintentionally and absent-mindedly.

Jerky Jaguar ®
Jerky Jaguar ™

Jerky Jaguar, Sapphire the Seal, Roxanne (Roxie), Terrell Mouse, and Napoleon © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

12:01 AM, Sunday, May 21st, 2017 [The End of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus Era]

''All Together Now'' Color Pattern Checkered Quilt
Random, but just for a hunch of doing some pixel work.

Thanks to these verses from the Beatles song, from Paul McCartney, more correctly Lennon-McCartney, which inspired me to make this...

"Black, White, Green, Red,
Can I take my friend to bed,
Pink, Brown, Yellow, Orange, and Blue!
I love you!" 

Pixel art © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

((Even though it's not totally legit...))

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls....

As you already know, the Greatest Show on Earth is about to do its final performance tonight! 

Check it out on TV, Facebook, or Youtube to see the historical eventful moment that will be the end of this circus era....

Don't miss out! 

That WAS the GREATEST Show On Earth! 

I'm so happy me and my family gets to see this LIVE online! 



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For years I love cartooning and do artwork! Like back in the year 2000, I became interested in art and drawing! My skills went pretty good until the the time like 2003 or 2004, I became interested in cartooning! Chappy the Cat, Mario the Mario, and Josiah the Guard Ghost became the first J.C.S characters I created in September 2004! Years of doing cartoons later than I made more cartoons during the following years: Marvin and Mike Mouse (2005), Tarfild (2005), Toony Friends (2006), Margaret and Geraldine (2007), CARTOONS (2007), Greene (2009), and many more into today! Thus, I will never retire my favorite career!:D I like old school cartoons and all kinds!;) Yes, I like Disney, Warner Brothers, and all kinds of cartoons from the past to the present! I even like voice-acting, animating, singing, dancing, and lots of talents I had! I still LOVE to cartoon! That's why there's Josiah Shockency or you can say my initials, J.C.S! :)

Of course, I had high-functioning autism, so yeah, I AM autistic, but not really! Mine's is going very well! ;)

I was born on March 4, 1996! ;)

Yes, my goal and dream is to make or produced cartoons in traditional way! In other words, I love to make it old-school'd! Like Disney, WB, etc. I always adore it! Never gonna stop! XD Believe me!

Yes, I am a Christian and I feel so happy about it! ^V^

I'm part Irish and Mexican, although I am somehow part Dutch and British, because of my 12th great grandfather, William Bradford, the Governor of the pilgrims and the Mayflower back in the 1600s.

Terranol :iconterranol: is my little brother, Caleb Shockency! Mike Mouse is my brother's character! ;P

My closest friend, Abigail Johnson, known as Chuchumunga :iconchuchumunga: , but now, Amireely :iconamireely: and is also Maggie Bunny, plus owns Tuffy Bunny!

Another friend of mine, Zachary Dodge :iconsonicfanboy95:

And here's my friend, Zachary Rigins :iconssbbmaster4213:

Also, my dear friend, Brandon Hale: :iconlebrandonhale:

Along with my friend from my college, Christian :iconfireriolu:

Remember, every cartoon I did is rated G : (General)! ;D

Plus, if you want to be a JCS fan or something, join up or check out this club: :iconjcscartoonsclub:

Not to mention....since I'm a Topps' WACKY PACKAGE fan, I decided to open up a club for all Wackies (fans or members of the club) : :iconwackypackagesfanclub:

Also a club for all the sports-oriented events on the Summer and Winter Olympics, FIFI WORLD CUP, PARALYMPICS, etc. :icontheolympicgamesclub:


These pictures are protected under the laws of Josiah Shockency (JCS), of the United States of America and other countries.Any unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution or use may result in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.

© MMX (Since 2010) JCS All rights reserved.

All the cartoons, all the names, or any similarity of these are trademarks to JCSCARTOONS.

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In memory of these deviants:

Whammy51 :iconwhammy51:

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E-Vay (Dec 2, 2006 - September 20, 2015 ) :icone-vay:

:iconslimecrime: SlimeCrime "I haven't been TO that town, but I've been through it." [Dec 12th, 2013 - April 30th, 2017] "goodbe jcsstudio, take care of the axe snout doggos for me. 👋"


Current Residence: Visalia, California
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite genre of music: All kinds, mostly Jazz
Favourite style of art: Classic
Skin of choice: white
Favourite cartoon character: Lots, mostly Mickey, Sonic, and Dandy
Personal Quote: "Well, Good Golly!"

Favorite Cartoonists:

Derrick Fish :iconderrickfish:
Mike Kazaleh :iconmkaz:
Favorite Pokemon: Buizel :iconbuzielplz:

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