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Burger Trap [Sonic Boom]
The town was very busy that day as a familiar pink hedgehog and a charming badger were trekking down the dry ground. Amy Rose was glancing around, trying to find some destination while Sticks the Badger, as usual, was keeping a sharp eye out for any suspicious looking characters. It was already 12 and there isn't a single place to dine in that isn't so awfully packed or busy.
"Why is every place packed today?" Amy wonders as it doesn't get this busy in Hedgehog Village. "No idea," Sticks said, "But you may never know what is attracting this amount of people like some morsel being poisoned in order to control people's minds." "Maybe...but, Eggman doesn't seem to be causing any mischief today..." Amy said as she hasn't seen or heard from the mad doctor lately. Just then, Amy's stomach rumbled loudly, which made the badger jump up. "Laser engines!" she yelled as she fell to the ground and covers her head. "Relax,'s just my stomach..." Amy said as she blushes a bit in embarrass
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 12 2
Outside of BOOKS [6-4-2018] by JCSStudio Outside of BOOKS [6-4-2018] :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 15 21 Squirrel Fluffytail [McKenna, 1921] Art by JCS by JCSStudio Squirrel Fluffytail [McKenna, 1921] Art by JCS :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 19 28 Illusions [Part 3] by JCSStudio Illusions [Part 3] :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 2 0 Cancelled By A Tongue [5-30-2018] by JCSStudio Cancelled By A Tongue [5-30-2018] :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 10 20 Worth A Wamp's Salt [5-29-2018] by JCSStudio Worth A Wamp's Salt [5-29-2018] :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 4 7
Look as you are zooming through the images of the traditional/modern cartoons!


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The Entertainers by jbwarner86 "LONG LIVE THE WARNER BROTHERS (WB) AND DISNEY!!!!"

Picture by Jesse J. Barboza (jbwarner86)

Wreck-it Ralph by Niban-Destikim "There's one thing I LOVE Disney; There's one think I DISLIKE Disney......."

Picture by =Niban-Destikim

two designed to never lose by Elera
"Those two never cease to amaze me with their OWN fine magic of Disney and Warner Brothers..."

Picture by Elera

Hi-Ho Rainbow by wolfjedisamuel
Experience how other people do sketches on one of my household creations!!!

Picture by Samuel Solemas (Wolfjedisamuel)

Unpopular Oneshot Characters Stamp by SkunkyNoid :thumb445116467:


So much for me, I, too, am an AMY ROSE Fan!! I never hate her nor Princess Sally nor any!! IN this, she looks not only zany like a real...

Holy Stromboli, amiga! I didn't know today is the birthday of that cute, blue lad. I like the way how you did this in a different techn...

Marvelous! Superb! Excellently drawn so great with such technique! I really love crossovers, especially those cartoons combined with th...

Cute, chubby, but mostly the most excellent thing I've ever since! I love it!!! You're the best! ^V^V^V^ When sleepy, it's always a way...


It's starting to get too chaotic. 

Even since my life has been getting more busier, due to my job and things at home, I don't seem to keep up things like I used to. 

I have 4 or 5 people that are currently roleplaying with me and one of them does it nonstop.

Like I asked before, "Am I really a man to you or do I appear to be nothing more than a request-taking or roleplaying machine?''

My flippin' God, what's wrong with you people.....? 

:brains_burning_out: :exhausted: Insomnia Facebook Tired Face emoji :exhausted:  
Originally founded on Monday, April 30th, I've came across this comic, thanks to this website called COMICBOOKPLUS! [Website link:]

This comic series was called BASIL THE ROYAL CAT [January - September 1953].

This little comic story focuses on this blue cat who happens to be the king of Katsmeow [a fictional country and kingdom]. This cat, who was named Basil, has moments when he loves to be out of his castle and explores outside of his royal facade. He is very curious about the world beyond his high and royal life. There are times when people don't see him as a monarch, but rather a typical nobody. He has been to a bunch of adventures, even if it means going into a train that was filled with low-life bums. But that doesn't stuff Basil. 

You can find the collection of [sadly] 4 comic books right here:


There is one thing that confuses me. The website claims that the comics it possesses, even with courtesy of another website [GRAND COMICS DATABASE], is in the public domain. 

I was never sure....

I looked up who were the publishers and the artists. The comics were published from St. John Publications [which only had a short run, like from 1947 to 1958]. There was Archer St. John [the founder of the company who lived from 1901 to 1955]. The artist who mostly does the comics was Tom DeAngelo [who doesn't seem to have much info about him]. But then, I wondered about the length in the copyright span. Since the comics were published during the 1909 Copyright Act, that would mean it would have a length of 28 years and a requirement to renew it in order to get another 28 years. All that together would make it 56 years. 

I have calculated the year the Basil comics were published [1953], adding up the first 28 years. If so, then, that would make it 1981. That would be during the time of the 1976 copyright act, which has that 75 year copyright span. But then I looked back to what Wikipedia had mentioned: "For works that received their copyright before 1978, a renewal had to be filed in the work's 28th year with the Copyright Office for its term of protection to be extended. The need for renewal was eliminated by the Copyright Renewal Act of 1992, but works that had already entered the public domain by non-renewal did not regain copyright protection. Therefore, works published before 1964 that were not renewed are in the public domain.' 

That still had me a bit confused. I would've guessed if the comic was renewed in 1983 for another 28 years, then it would've been in the public domain by 2009. 

But with all this, I still am not sure.... "Is the Basil comics still copyrighted or has it expired already!?" 

I need some help here, to be honest.... 
Signs of Koko [Tribute, 6-21-2018]
News Report and Cartoon of Today:
Signs of Koko [Tribute to Koko]

The most beloved treasure and soul from the San Fransico Zoo and all of America.

An amazing gorilla who was more than just a smart, talented animal who knew to communicate through signs. She was an icon for inter-species communication. A wonder to everyone who has met her and or interacts her. How she loves to read and listen to a partner read for her.

She had a motherly trait when it comes to kittens, especially to one like All Ball who was a gray male Manx that she loved so dear. And at that same year [1984], when All Ball escaped from her cage and got killed by a car, it was very heartbreaking. Not just to Koko [who expressed her grief through signs], but to everyone who loved the gorilla [and even ached terribly to see her upset].

She had friends that were wonderful human beings. Those like Francine "Penny" Patterson, an animal psychologist and longtime friend [who raised her and taught her all the sign languages], Fred Rogers [which everyone recalls him as Mister Rogers from MISTER ROGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD] and everyone's favorite comedian, Robin Williams. With Robin's passing, Koko, too, expressed her sadness about her dear funny friend. There were many others that grew quite fond of her and even that primate loved them back.

This week, to be exact TUESDAY, JUNE 19th, let's say that she has finally reunited with her pet cat, All Ball.

It's a very sad day for all of us. Not just those in the San Francsico Zoo, but everyone all around the globe. Everyone who knew her, met her, interacted with her, and even heard stories about her [which I, for one, heard amazing stories about her at a very young age back in Elementary].

We will all miss you, Koko.......

Hananiko "KOKO"

[1971 - 2018]



(Read more in here)………


Art © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

Thursday, June 21st, 2018 [First Day of Summer]

The Eye Of A Digital Beholder [6-20-2018]
Like I said before, stay tuned for more digital adventures with Billie Clickenpoint, the programmed representative of a point cursor. 

This time, we are checking inside her home, which is shaped like a pixelated point cursor [like the one in "Malwarefor Art Thou?"]. Inside, we see that there are even cursors on her wallpaper. Not only that, we see that she is looking at a fine picture of Mount Shasta from Siskiyou County [which to them, our real world is referred as THE OTHER WORLD or the World Beyond The Screen]. As beautiful as it looks, her guest thought otherwise. The bold programmed figure of malware elimination, Marcin, is visiting her and sez that those clouds there are making the majestic mountain less beautiful.

However, it's not as beautiful as she is. 

Sounds like those two have a slight interest for each other since they're been created in a program for more than 20 years. He ain't Pepe Le Pew, but he can do more than just kill off malicious software.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Note 1: You guys might capture some familiar contents there. Like Disney and PIXAR, they set up references, cameos, and Easter eggs [or inside jokes] inside them. I even did them on my traditionally drawn work, but see if you can detect them in this CGI comic. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Comic & 3D Artwork, Billie Clickenpoint, Marcin the Malware Hunter, and Mike Mouse © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

ROOKIE Caffeinated Beverage™

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Copyright © Josiah Shockency (JCS), 2018 [MMXVIII]. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Marcin the Malware Hunter Model [June 2018]
Due to the unfortunate event that involves slow and glitch-related issues, I had to delete it and had to start anew. I thought that the best way to prevent things like that from happening again is if I made these models separately. So I managed to salvage the likeness of these 3D contents. See, ladies and gentlemen? It's not the end of the CGI comics after all! Sorry that it's not turnable to see the whole view of her and the back.


After making Billie, I came up Marcin the Malware Hunter, a skunk who loves his job to hunt down and kill off any computer virus and malicious software aka malware. This took a lot of details to make him, but hey! This was totally worth it.

This is what all these together looks like.

3D model of Marcin the Malware Hunter  © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

Originally created on Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Sunday, June 17th, 2018 [Father's Day]

Copyright © Josiah Shockency (JCS), 2018 [MMXVIII]. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

It's starting to get too chaotic. 

Even since my life has been getting more busier, due to my job and things at home, I don't seem to keep up things like I used to. 

I have 4 or 5 people that are currently roleplaying with me and one of them does it nonstop.

Like I asked before, "Am I really a man to you or do I appear to be nothing more than a request-taking or roleplaying machine?''

My flippin' God, what's wrong with you people.....? 

:brains_burning_out: :exhausted: Insomnia Facebook Tired Face emoji :exhausted:  


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For years I love cartooning and do artwork! Like back in the year 2000, I became interested in art and drawing! My skills went pretty good until the the time like 2003 or 2004, I became interested in cartooning! Chappy the Cat, Mario the Mario, and Josiah the Guard Ghost became the first J.C.S characters I created in September 2004! Years of doing cartoons later than I made more cartoons during the following years: Marvin and Mike Mouse (2005), Tarfild (2005), Toony Friends (2006), Margaret and Geraldine (2007), CARTOONS (2007), Greene (2009), and many more into today! Thus, I will never retire my favorite career!:D I like old school cartoons and all kinds!;) Yes, I like Disney, Warner Brothers, and all kinds of cartoons from the past to the present! I even like voice-acting, animating, singing, dancing, and lots of talents I had! I still LOVE to cartoon! That's why there's Josiah Shockency or you can say my initials, J.C.S! :)

Of course, I had high-functioning autism, so yeah, I AM autistic, but not really! Mine's is going very well! ;)

I was born on March 4, 1996! ;)

Yes, my goal and dream is to make or produced cartoons in traditional way! In other words, I love to make it old-school'd! Like Disney, WB, etc. I always adore it! Never gonna stop! XD Believe me!

Yes, I am a Christian and I feel so happy about it! ^V^

I'm part Irish and Mexican, although I am somehow part Dutch and British, because of my 12th great grandfather, William Bradford, the Governor of the pilgrims and the Mayflower back in the 1600s.

Terranol :iconterranol: is my little brother, Caleb Shockency! Mike Mouse is my brother's character! ;P

My closest friend, Abigail Johnson, known as Chuchumunga :iconchuchumunga: , but now, Amireely :iconamireely: and is also Maggie Bunny, plus owns Tuffy Bunny!

Another friend of mine, Zachary Dodge :iconsonicfanboy95:

And here's my friend, Zachary Rigins :iconssbbmaster4213:

Also, my dear friend, Brandon Hale: :iconlebrandonhale:

Along with my friend from my college, Christian :iconfireriolu:

Remember, every cartoon I did is rated G : (General)! ;D

Plus, if you want to be a JCS fan or something, join up or check out this club: :iconjcscartoonsclub:

Not to mention....since I'm a Topps' WACKY PACKAGE fan, I decided to open up a club for all Wackies (fans or members of the club) : :iconwackypackagesfanclub:

Also a club for all the sports-oriented events on the Summer and Winter Olympics, FIFI WORLD CUP, PARALYMPICS, etc. :icontheolympicgamesclub:


These pictures are protected under the laws of Josiah Shockency (JCS), of the United States of America and other countries.Any unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution or use may result in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.

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Current Residence: Visalia, California
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite genre of music: All kinds, mostly Jazz
Favourite style of art: Classic
Skin of choice: white
Favourite cartoon character: Lots, mostly Mickey, Sonic, and Dandy
Personal Quote: "Well, Good Golly!"

Favorite Cartoonists:

Derrick Fish :iconderrickfish:
Mike Kazaleh :iconmkaz:
Favorite Pokemon: Buizel :iconbuzielplz:

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