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There's a griffin,
That's a-sniffin'
For an English muffin.
Near the griffin,
Was a cliff and,
A tiny, funny puffin.
On its bright bill,
Round as a pill,
Was an English muffin.
When the griffin,
Starts a-sniffin,
And sees the round puffin.
Spreading its wings,
And out it springs,
To reach for the muffin.
But the griffin,
On the cliff end,
Found that there was nothin'.
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Fashion Reader's Digest [Animaniacs]
One day in one of the lots in Warner Brother studio, Wakko and Dot Warner were nearby a setting with another toon named Coco. Coco Warner was a toon athlete with a stunning look. She has red highlights, a light yellow sweater, and blue jeans. She was also the girlfriend and crush of Wakko. She also owns a pet pug named Sir Handsome the Third. "What's keeping her?" Wakko asked Dot. "Oh, she's probably trying to get those new costumes she's been making." His sister, Dot assured. "She'll be here." While her dog was with her, eating a doggie treat, Wakko was hugging onto Coco. "Isn't it odd that you have the same name as our dresser?" he asked his soul mate. "Uh, yeah, it's very odd," she responded. Sir Handsome barked all of the sudden. Coco begins to stroke her pet, saying, "It's alright, boy. You finish eating your dog treat." "It's like how we have a lot of Johns and Jacks in Burbank," Dot remarked in a nice yet funny way.
"Bonjour, mes ami!" a cheerful voice was heard. "Looks like she
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Magically Shrunken [Disney, Cinderella]
Tremaine Chateau; Early Morning
In the wee hours of the morning, Lady Tremaine had gone off with her daughters down for an early shopping spree, while she had given her step-daughter, Cinderella, a list of early morning chores to do.
Up in her room, Cinderella was still in her night gown in bed sighing with a bit of discomfort, while her mice friends look upon her. "Usually, I can handle this kind of working lifestyle," she sighed, "But for some reason, I feel so empty all of the sudden.' "Cinderelly okie?" a small yet familiar voice was detected. The one that was closest to Cinderella was that mouse, Jaq. He crawls and walks up onto Cinderella, looking at her with concern. "Oh, good morning, Jaq," she greeted. "Not really. I feel rather blue apparently." That small frown was quite an obvious sign for the rodent. Jaq wasn't the only one near her. The others that were already near her feet. They all went 'aww...' at their human friend's mood with Jaq going and lying down on her l
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 7 3
OLD FASHION Made Tea by JCSStudio OLD FASHION Made Tea :iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 17 5
Food Roxy [Animaniacs OC / TTA]
One day, Amber was just walking down the street, enjoying the last hot dog that was from a local hot dog cart.  "Oh, BOY!" she reacted with glee, eating her dog, "This is SO good!" She was lucky to get the last hot dog from that stand. Amber can't think of any other place that has those carts. She then belched, patting her belly. "Ahhh," she sighed, "Now, that's what I call a tasty dog!"
As she was walking by a dark-green shrub, a rustling sound was detected. She gasped, "What was that?" Just then, someone came out. Before you was a cute, female fox who seems to be from a 1930s cartoon with those achromatic colors around her. She was in a gray skirt, heels, and wears a rather abstract-designed white bow on her head. Not only that, she seems to be an inch or two smaller than Amber. "Awww, hey, here," cooed Amber, "What's your name sweetie?" The toon was quite charmedd to see that vixen. Once the fox notices that Amber begins to like her already, she giggled as she adjusts her bow w
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 10 9
Look as you are zooming through the images of the traditional/modern cartoons!


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The Entertainers by jbwarner86 "LONG LIVE THE WARNER BROTHERS (WB) AND DISNEY!!!!"

Picture by Jesse J. Barboza (jbwarner86)

Wreck-it Ralph by Niban-Destikim "There's one thing I LOVE Disney; There's one think I DISLIKE Disney......."

Picture by =Niban-Destikim

two designed to never lose by Elera
"Those two never cease to amaze me with their OWN fine magic of Disney and Warner Brothers..."

Picture by Elera

Hi-Ho Rainbow by wolfjedisamuel
Experience how other people do sketches on one of my household creations!!!

Picture by Samuel Solemas (Wolfjedisamuel)

Unpopular Oneshot Characters Stamp by SkunkyNoid :thumb445116467:


So much for me, I, too, am an AMY ROSE Fan!! I never hate her nor Princess Sally nor any!! IN this, she looks not only zany like a real...

Holy Stromboli, amiga! I didn't know today is the birthday of that cute, blue lad. I like the way how you did this in a different techn...

Marvelous! Superb! Excellently drawn so great with such technique! I really love crossovers, especially those cartoons combined with th...

Cute, chubby, but mostly the most excellent thing I've ever since! I love it!!! You're the best! ^V^V^V^ When sleepy, it's always a way...


Late at Friday night and early Saturday morning…

Hope you had clear skies and a nice spot to see this Orionid Shower! 

What's become of me...? 
I feel like my creative motivation is fading again. 
Ever since I am still in that program [worked like a paying job], frequent events at home, deviants being busy with things...
I feel like I'm fading away from my personal favorite hobby [drawing].....
15 to 16 years of this particular show that I have seen one time or twice....

...but I never ever EVER get to know nor remember the name of it.

If it weren't for my dear friend, Christian, I would have found out 10 more years later!

Thank you, buddy!

I remember seeing a cartoon show all done in CGI with characters in cubic or square-like forms. The way how they are designed. I had a feeling that I have seen it once or maybe 2 or 3 times. But that was it.

This Candian Japanese show, PECOLA [2001 / 2002], was the one. That penguin with a blue and white striped shirt that has a letter P on it. The way how you see all the other characters like as if this was before Minecraft even came to exist 8 years later.

I wish I knew if I had watched a lot of episodes of it, but just forgot completely [or like 85 percent]? Or maybe I have only seen it one time and that was it.

Right now, I feel like looking back to it and watch it all.

This was made from the same studio and creator who did a rather disturbing horror series, GREGORY HORROR SHOW.

Here's an example of it by giving out one episode.

:new: Myrmecoleon [merm-kol-lee-on] / Antlion 

Been looking through my stash of notes on cryptids and monsters I've been hoping to do in the further future. Hope you all enjoy what I planned to add pretty soon in Troublesome Critters. 

Oh, and I might update this more often for safe keeping, so keep a sharp eye out.


Sunday, February 12th, 2017 [12:48:35 AM]

~ U-28 Creature: An aquatic crocodile with four limbs resembling large webbed feet, a long, pointed tail and a head which also tapered to a point.

Length: 60-feet long
Height: Approximately 80-feet.

~ Mantis Man: It was tall, 8 ft. or so and had long thin arms hanging off of it. The color was a pale brown, but I could see through it! The head was small compared to the body.


Saturday, May 20th, 2017 [2:48:08 PM]

~ Inkanyamba : Legendary sea serpent in waterfall lake region north near Pietermaritzburg (Howick Falls, South Africa). Usually depicted as a serpentine brute with an equestrian head (a head of a horse). Usually appears in summer and its wrath is believed to be the cause of seasonal storms.

~ Mamlambo : Brain sucking fish creature in Mzintlava River, South Africa. "an astounding 6-7 feet in length. Other descriptions include a long tail, four stubby legs, a crocodilian torso, a serpentine neck and a horse-like head."

~ Trunko [10/25/1924] : An sea creature with a snow-colored fur, a trunk of an elephant, a lobster tail, and its 20 foot. Sighted in Margate, South Africa.


Sunday, August 6th, 2017

~ Boo-Hag: If you think that all vampires feed on blood, that's not always the case. Of course, you do have those that feed on souls or even energy from others. But this one is a very special life-sucking demon. From what the Gullah culture has hold (from descendants of African slaves who lived in the South), this one happens to be known as a BOO-HAG! They have no skin at all, which is why it appears red and meaty. To prevent this kind of exposure, they need skin from humans. First, they must detect breath from any human being. Once their prey's been detected, they can suck their breath and takes over. This will put the victim into a deep sleep. They will have a choice to let them live so that they can come back for more energy again. However, if the prey begins to flinch, a Boo Hag will take their skin and that poor soul lingers away. Like vampires, they only do it at night and they would want energy or skin before dawn. If too late, they will forever be skinless.

~ Strigoi {pronounce: stree-goy}: While folks mostly dig into modern vampric elements today, this kind really holds onto what Bram Stoker has gotten his ideas, other than Vlad the Impaler. In Romania, a strigoi is a bothered spirit of a dead person which is reanimated. These ones are formed whenever someone has a sin-filled life, committed suicide, cursed by a witch, or even died unmarried. Of course, they have the ability to transform into animals (like that popular choice of a bat), become invisible, great strength (like Superman, only he's not a vampire), life-sucking feeds, and much more. Interestingly, there are different kinds of strigois. The locals even developed ways how to prevent an existence of a strigoi and they are one of the same ways how Van Helsing manages to defeat Dracula. That includes removing and destroying its heart, drive a nail on its forehead (no stake driven onto its heart? Wow.), place garlice under its tongue (sounds familiar), turn the corpse facing downward so the strigoi would head straight to the afterlife, and all sorts.

~ Lamashtu: Expecting? Well, be sure that when your child has finally born, be on a look out for Lamshtu. When Mesopotamia was around, the folks there are always beware of this murderous vixen. From what the tale holds, Lamashtu has quite a disturbing appearance: a hybrid with a hair-coated body, a head of a lioness with ears and teeth of a donkey, long fingers with prolonged nails, fowl-like feet with sharp talons. Other than her looks, her deeds are hellishly notorious. Those like killing a woman after birth and kidnap her recent young as her own. Other times, she would kill men, eat children, cause droughts and famine, and all sorts of nefarious acts.

~ Raijū: What's that in your belly button? Is that lint? Phew! Good thing a raiju isn't there. This topic connects to a shocking creature from Japanese mythology. While folks differ what it looks like, they describe it to be in a shape of either a wolf, a dog, a cat, or even a weasel. The most common or popular description would be a white and blue wolf or dog (or those coated in lightning). What they do is fly about like a ball of electricity while its cry is much like the thunder. Now back to this subject with belly buttons, the reason that connects is that those creatures tend to sleep inside navels and they would wake up the host with its small shock. Regardless of that small spark onto someone, they are usually harmless and calm. That is, when a thunderstorms come in, they become annoyed and would hop from place to place like trees, fields, and even homes of Japanese civilians.


Monday, August 7th, 2017

~ Humbaba: Along with other tales of the now extinct Mesopotamia, this entity was feared by millions. This giant is mostly depicted have a head or a face of a lion. He was a guardian of the Cedar Forest, home of the gods, including a god named Enlil. He was made to be a threat to every mortal who is near. However, the monster was eventually slain by demigod named Gilgamesh and a wild man named Enkidu.

~ Ichneumon (how to pronounce: Ick-New-Mun) : Who needs a knight or a prince to destroy a menacing dragon when you got this special creature? According to literature in the Middle Ages, there was an animal who happens to be an arch-enemy of a dragon. It would be able to defeat it by being coated with mud, using its tail to close its nose, and attacks the scaly brute. It also manages to become a threat to other predatory creatures like a crocodile and an asp [or snake]. Other than the Medieval times, it was also known around Ancient Egypt and Greece. Amazingly, they were also enemies to famous monsters that turn its prey to stone. Those like a cockatrice and a gorgon. With its amazing immunity, they can easily defeat them. Its name often is referred to mongooses and otters. This might lead to what the depiction of it would look like, but folks would like to give it some creative appearances.

~ Valravn (how to pronounce: vowl-rave-vin) : Quoth the raven, "Nevermore...." NEVERMORE will you see a raven the same way again once you check out this supernatural kind of raven. One particular tale from Scandinavia (especially from the Danish folklore), these fowls can only be created when a raven eats a flesh of a dead warrior. Other times, they would consume a heart of a dead knight or even from a child. With that, they gain powerful knowledge and even has such amazing abilities. Other times, they have an odd depiction from other accounts that they are a wolf-raven hybrid. Also with its name, it's also the reason why they are also known as a Raven of the Slain. If there are more than one Valravn, they're called Valravne (vowl-rave-neh?).

~ Capelobo: Around the states of Brazil (like Marahao and Para), there lives a blood-thirsty brute. It scales up to 7 feet high while its animal form is of those of a tapir, but much bigger, quicker, and slimmer. Shags of black fur and a snout that looks a bit like those of a pig or an anteater. Not to mention claws of a tamandua (a small kind of anteater) and hooves for feet that leaves imprints of a bottom of a glass bottle. With humanoid forms, that would include the muscular structure. With its pungent odor, it will attact a hoard of flies; plus its smell can send any passing individual a nasty headache or dizziness that could take up to days or just a month. Its shrilling roar can be heard for 10 miles and even terrify the world's bravest hunter. Other than it having fur, its hide is much like Superman's: any bullet that strikes it will bounce right off. Usually, they don't attack humans. They would go for others like dogs, cats, and even goats. If they do go after humans, they would take the man hostage and suck out their brains. Other times, it would reach for an vein and just suck it. They have quite a tremendous appetite, so be wise to not get in it's way. The only way or two to destroy them is to know its weak spot. Two actually. On the eye (which can be a stab onto it) or on the navel (belly button). By some accounts, they say that the best choice of weapon to use when killing it would had to be done with a strong, sharp spear. Since they are like werewolves, they can be formed if a person is ancient or facing chooses to spend their last days in the woods...


Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

[update on 5:40 PM]

~ Matagot (how to pronouce: mah-tah-goh) While it's nice to have a cat curled up by the fireplace, there is one that you ought to take consideration for giving it proper care if you want a happier life, too. Why? Well, if it's a matagot, then you oughta please it 100%. In southern parts of France (like Gascony, Loire, Provence, etc.), there is a spirit that takes form of any animal. Animals like a rat, dog, fox, cat, and even a cow. But commonly and popularly, it's usually in a form of a black cat. Connecting to the stereotypes of bad luck and witchcraft, they CAN be evil; but other times, there are those who are helpful or peace. That is, if you treat it right. If you feed it well, they will bring you good luck or even wealth in return. Even though it's nice to get this kind of frequent gratitude, it must not be kept forever. If you have it for a pet for a long time, there will be no way that you will ever die. You will become ancient and suffer when you still have that cat around. 


Friday, August 11th, 2017

~ Zburator [how to pronounce: Zuh-bur-ruh-tor] / Zburatorul [how to pronounce: Zuh-bur-ruh-tor-rool]: Around the Romanian night skies lurks a wolf-headed dragon with a tail of flames. It usually prowls in the night, hunting for helpless women that might capture its interest and do unspeakable things to them. Before it could, it could have the ability to transform into a convincingly handsome man in order to allure its prey.


Sunday, August 13th, 2017

~ Wolpertinger: While the Wolpertinger is like the German version of the American JACKALOPE, the Wolpertinger has those two familiar details. A rabbit with anlters. However, it has other details. This creature not only has a head of a rabbit and antlers of a deer, but also a body of a squirrel, and wings and (supposedly) legs of a pheasant. They are as hard to catch like a jackalope, with some varied myths and information on this brute.

~ Rasselbock: This other specimen is known as Rasselbock [Rass-sul-bawk]. It's 100% a lot like the jackalope, but pure German. There is a rare name for them, which is a RASPELBOCK. There is a female counterpart, which is known as a Rasselgeiß [Rass-sul-gice], which is distinguished by their smaller antlers. These kind happen to have canine teeth, making it very different from a jackalope in the USA. Their kits or the young ones happen to be called Waldraslinge [Val-drass-leen-gah]. Most of them are spotted in the Thuringian Forest and the Harz while others are detected in Schwarzatal, the Schmücke and Auerhahn. Often times, they blend the Rasselbock with the Wolpertinger.


Thursday, August 31st, 2017

~ Con Rit : Around the waters of the Southeastern sea in Vietnam, this sea monster is infested with fins all over which is reported to propell through water at a very high speed. Some say the length is either 60 feet long and 3 feet wide or 135 feet in length.

~ Zmey Gorynych [Zuh'may Gore-rie-nick] / Gorynych [Gore-rie-nick] : There are many variations of dragons in every Slavic country. There was even one infamous one that every Russian and Ukrainian will tell you about, which was salin by a hero in one Slavic poem or bylina. It appears to have 3 threes and some reports claim that dragons like these can grow back their heads like a Lernaean Hydra. If so, then the sure way to prevent it from growing back would be burning it or smothering its beheaded wound with ashes. For one of the choice of names, the one all together (ZMEY GORYNYCH) has some meanings. Zmey means "snake". As for Gorynych, it comes from a word "gorynysh" which derives from "gora', meaning "mountain'. Others believed its a name derived from "to burn". It gives a clue that this dragon (of if there is more of this kind) lives in caves and mountains and spew out fire. [[[[Closer notes: A word like Zmey ("snake"), they can be all sorts, even in other countries. If male, they call them that. If female, they would be called a Zmeya (Zuh'may-yah). In Romanian mythologies, there is a man-like dragon with a smiliar name, called a Zmeu (Zuh'may-you).


Friday, September 1st, 2017

Zmeu [zuh'may-you] : Pretty much like any dragon you recall in fairy tales for a knight or prince to defeat, this one is pretty similiar. However, in the tales of Romania, these zmei [zuh'may] (if plural) are more humanoid. If it's a female one, they are meant to called a zmeoaica or a zmeoaică [zuh'may-yoh-eek-kah]. They can appear like dragons with human-like featuers like arms and legs and all sorts. Like any dragon you'd expect, they can kidnap innocent maids and even steal treasures like gold and gems. But what makes them even more special is their ability to shapeshift. They can also learn and be like humans like how to use weapons and even talk.


Friday, October 13th, 2017

Lufferlang: This beast has different features, based on what these reports have to behold. A most claim that it's a quirky spider-like fiend with triple jointed legs, sapphire-colored stripes, and possesses a bushy tail. Others claimed that it also has a head of a horse or a tiger. Some differ details like how it has a cerulean stripe that does all the way down its spine, how a tail is in the middle to swat away flies, and or how it has lots more legs to go in all directions. What makes this brute dangerous is its bite. It only bites once yearly, but its bite can be fatal. There is a biting season for a lufferlang, which usually starts on the 12th of July. There are ways to avoid it. One way is to use a mirror to confuse it or scare it away. The other, even though it's quite ridiculously odd, is to wear a handkerchief in orange as green makes the prey more detected by a lufferlang.


Saturday, October 14th

Gold-digging Ant: While the name doesn't have much creativity, it speaks for itself. From Medieval bestiaries, there was an amazing specimen of ants that are a size of dog or fox and can be able to dug up any gold in sand-layered locations. Where they came from varies: Herodotus, a Greek historian, claimed that they are from India while some retellings of the Physiologus claim that they are from Ethopia. From Herodotus' version, they are a kind of fox-sixed, furry ants that dug out gold dust around the Indian provinces of the Persian Empire.


Tuesday, October 18th, 2017

Myrmecoleon [merm-kol-lee-on] / Antlion : An amazing specimen of a best from ancient articles. It was claimed to be made by a mistranslated on a word in the Septuagint version of the Book of Job. Regardless of the flaw, later then, some interpretations were made on what this "myrmecoleon' really is. From one claim, it's called that way because it is the "lion of ants'. This would mean that they are actually big ants or tiny critters whose shelters are in the dust. They can also attack other ants. Other claim states that this critter was a prime example of inter-species breeding between an ant and a lion. It appears to be half-lion, half-ant as how it is. The problem of this creature is its dietary contradiction. Because a lion is a carnivore and an ant is a herbivore, it does not know what to eat; this creatures a result of it going into a starvation.
On Sunday, I got an idea when I was drinking my Cherry Dr. Pepper.

This may sound random, but this actually give me some spark when it comes to "COLLEGE FOOTBALL INTUITION' / "COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF". The way how they promote football in colleges with this beverage along with others that would like to sponsor some university team. That even includes a soda can that has a design on the sides like the stitches from an actual football.

That then reminded me of my Coca-Cola in my cartoon world, known as ROOKIE!

Here's what I came up, which I had it done today. 

So Archimedes is checking out this soda can that was promoting college football. He wonders they do this, especially when designing it to have features of a football [already like those stitches]. And then, suddenly.....


Well, if it isn't Rita's strong, athetlic brother, Olivant! [[It's been months since we all last seen him, hasn't it?]]

He sacked him, thinking that he was starting football. However, he assumed that he starts it by hiding it [which is usually an illegal move in football] and having it disguised as a beverage can.

Which is more appropriate for Archimedes in his bruised condition? SACKED or CANNED?

Myth of the Mirth ®
Myth of the Mirth ™
Troublesome Critters®
Troublesome Critters™

Archibald "Archimedes" Wedgeholm and Olivant Prongharesohn © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

9:23 AM, Tuesday, October 17th, 2017




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Late at Friday night and early Saturday morning…

Hope you had clear skies and a nice spot to see this Orionid Shower! 



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For years I love cartooning and do artwork! Like back in the year 2000, I became interested in art and drawing! My skills went pretty good until the the time like 2003 or 2004, I became interested in cartooning! Chappy the Cat, Mario the Mario, and Josiah the Guard Ghost became the first J.C.S characters I created in September 2004! Years of doing cartoons later than I made more cartoons during the following years: Marvin and Mike Mouse (2005), Tarfild (2005), Toony Friends (2006), Margaret and Geraldine (2007), CARTOONS (2007), Greene (2009), and many more into today! Thus, I will never retire my favorite career!:D I like old school cartoons and all kinds!;) Yes, I like Disney, Warner Brothers, and all kinds of cartoons from the past to the present! I even like voice-acting, animating, singing, dancing, and lots of talents I had! I still LOVE to cartoon! That's why there's Josiah Shockency or you can say my initials, J.C.S! :)

Of course, I had high-functioning autism, so yeah, I AM autistic, but not really! Mine's is going very well! ;)

I was born on March 4, 1996! ;)

Yes, my goal and dream is to make or produced cartoons in traditional way! In other words, I love to make it old-school'd! Like Disney, WB, etc. I always adore it! Never gonna stop! XD Believe me!

Yes, I am a Christian and I feel so happy about it! ^V^

I'm part Irish and Mexican, although I am somehow part Dutch and British, because of my 12th great grandfather, William Bradford, the Governor of the pilgrims and the Mayflower back in the 1600s.

Terranol :iconterranol: is my little brother, Caleb Shockency! Mike Mouse is my brother's character! ;P

My closest friend, Abigail Johnson, known as Chuchumunga :iconchuchumunga: , but now, Amireely :iconamireely: and is also Maggie Bunny, plus owns Tuffy Bunny!

Another friend of mine, Zachary Dodge :iconsonicfanboy95:

And here's my friend, Zachary Rigins :iconssbbmaster4213:

Also, my dear friend, Brandon Hale: :iconlebrandonhale:

Along with my friend from my college, Christian :iconfireriolu:

Remember, every cartoon I did is rated G : (General)! ;D

Plus, if you want to be a JCS fan or something, join up or check out this club: :iconjcscartoonsclub:

Not to mention....since I'm a Topps' WACKY PACKAGE fan, I decided to open up a club for all Wackies (fans or members of the club) : :iconwackypackagesfanclub:

Also a club for all the sports-oriented events on the Summer and Winter Olympics, FIFI WORLD CUP, PARALYMPICS, etc. :icontheolympicgamesclub:


These pictures are protected under the laws of Josiah Shockency (JCS), of the United States of America and other countries.Any unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution or use may result in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.

© MMX (Since 2010) JCS All rights reserved.

All the cartoons, all the names, or any similarity of these are trademarks to JCSCARTOONS.

Old JCS Cartoons Banner by JCSStudio

In memory of these deviants:

Whammy51 :iconwhammy51:

AzumiAngel :iconazumiangel: (May 26, 2008 - Nov 20, 2011)

Roberto (Your Friendly Fanboy) aka. CartoonFanaticDude22 :iconcartoonfanaticdude22: - Jul 30, 2010 to August 17, 2014

ShadowtheHedgehog475 :iconshadowthehedgehog475: (Apr 18, 2012 - January 30th, 2013)

Hippinite :iconhippinite:
Mar 8, 2011 - Jul 12th, 2015

MarshallTrap :iconmarshalltrap: (from France) "saucisse" Jul 10th, 2008 - August 9th, 2015

E-Vay (Dec 2, 2006 - September 20, 2015 ) :icone-vay:

:iconslimecrime: SlimeCrime "I haven't been TO that town, but I've been through it." [Dec 12th, 2013 - April 30th, 2017] "goodbe jcsstudio, take care of the axe snout doggos for me. 👋"

SavyIsJoshoArts :iconsavyisjoshoarts: June 28, 2015 - September 21st, 2017


Current Residence: Visalia, California
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite genre of music: All kinds, mostly Jazz
Favourite style of art: Classic
Skin of choice: white
Favourite cartoon character: Lots, mostly Mickey, Sonic, and Dandy
Personal Quote: "Well, Good Golly!"

Favorite Cartoonists:

Derrick Fish :iconderrickfish:
Mike Kazaleh :iconmkaz:
Favorite Pokemon: Buizel :iconbuzielplz:

'I am NOT a Furry' Stamp by Caffeine-Master Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX Cartoon lovers stamp by MikotoNui Autism Stamp by theestephasaurusrex Autism Awareness by Rankuu Autism Stamp by JENNY-87 ++ See The Person by dimruthien Anti Bully Stamp by Bjnix248

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