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Magicat and Purlith: Having A Ball [Collaboration]
Magicat and Purith: Having A Ball
The cottage in the deepest woods stood there as echoes of chirping birds can be heard from time to time. As the leaves from those trees leave some patches of clearing a bit, the chimney was smoking up. Inside this big cottage, in particular room, there was a purple dragon with well-sharpened horns, claws, and cream-colored eyes.
She appears to be dressed in a sleeveless tank top that was pink trimmed at her neck and arms while a line borders at her breasts between the dark purple top section and the lavender bottom section. Not only that, her hips were hugged by a short, lavender skirt that has a pink skull on each side. On top of her head was an iconic witches hat that was in lavender with a black banner that also has a pink skull in the middle.
There, this dragon was at the fireplace, stirring something inside a coal-black cauldron. A knock on the door broke through the sound of the fireplace. Purlith begins to leave the fireplace and reaches towards
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 3 2
Look as you are zooming through the images of the traditional/modern cartoons!


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Chiller pt.76 :iconashleywolf259:AshleyWolf259 5 1
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The Entertainers by jbwarner86 "LONG LIVE THE WARNER BROTHERS (WB) AND DISNEY!!!!"

Picture by Jesse J. Barboza (jbwarner86)

Wreck-it Ralph by Niban-Destikim "There's one thing I LOVE Disney; There's one think I DISLIKE Disney......."

Picture by =Niban-Destikim

two designed to never lose by Elera
"Those two never cease to amaze me with their OWN fine magic of Disney and Warner Brothers..."

Picture by Elera

Hi-Ho Rainbow by wolfjedisamuel
Experience how other people do sketches on one of my household creations!!!

Picture by Samuel Solemas (Wolfjedisamuel)

Unpopular Oneshot Characters Stamp by SkunkyNoid :thumb445116467:


So much for me, I, too, am an AMY ROSE Fan!! I never hate her nor Princess Sally nor any!! IN this, she looks not only zany like a real...

Holy Stromboli, amiga! I didn't know today is the birthday of that cute, blue lad. I like the way how you did this in a different techn...

Marvelous! Superb! Excellently drawn so great with such technique! I really love crossovers, especially those cartoons combined with th...

Cute, chubby, but mostly the most excellent thing I've ever since! I love it!!! You're the best! ^V^V^V^ When sleepy, it's always a way...


Willard the Billiard Buck
I got this idea from Tuesday's Christmas Party in a local bowling alley, thanks to all of the opportunity center and the other branches of this programs. There was also a game room that had some billiard tables, which I had a craving for a game of snooker. After that day, I had an idea for this image.

Imagine if, somewhere around the home of Santa Claus, there is a cunning buck who is an ace at gambling games like snooker, dice, poker, and all sorts?

There would be a reindeer like Willard the Billiard Buck!

Apparently, 'SOMEONE' challenged Willard in some reindeer game with a bet. Willard won and he gets something that was valuable to that 'SOMEONE'.

Be careful when you do reindeer games with Willard, folks...


Artwork and Willard the Billiard Buck © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

Friday, December 15th, 2017

Where The Tree Falls, There It Will Sue...
News Report and Cartoon of Today: Where The Tree Falls, There It Will Sue

So today isn't the best day at all to be aware of that 2-3 vote on the net neutrality being repealed. Now that Congress and the Federal Communication Commission had done it, this is going to spark a new problem.

"Don't get too comfortable, Ajit...."

Because with this happening, everyone is pretty much ticked. The way how... "..the very first time, that the FCC, has disavowed substantive protections for consumers online..." [From Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner]. By this, all the general attorneys are showing up to FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST Pai and those of the FCC. Perhaps this would change their minds on this repeal....

That's got me to draw this....

That man [the FCC] was finished chopping down the tree [the Net Neutrality] with an axe [the repealing vote]. As the tree falls, it heads directly onto the unsuspecting fool while some unpleased inhabitants, birds, [incoming lawsuits] were approaching towards him....

Let's hope that this tree will totally knock some sense onto those who voted out the neutrality...

(Read more in here )………


Political cartoon and art © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

The Not-So-Greatest Show On Earth....
And to think that madness with the Federeal Communication Commission and their repealing act on Net Neutrality was over....

Apparently not.....

For the past weeks, there were claims that the CEO of the FCC, Ajit Pai, is still bent on removing the neutrality. Lots of protests and counter-movements were being made as their disapproval of this!

I, as I think that the Internet should still be open for all, felt like drawing this political sketch to show my disagreement with this plan still.

What's more fitting [and yet vivid at the same time] to draw something like from an old-fashioned circus with the biggest star [and the biggest clown], PAI THE PREPOSTEROUS! There, he is with his pet clown dog, Persistence as he presents his show, which the audience surely does not like. Not even that elephant at the background is pleased with this!

CANCEL THIS SHOW! [Just by December 14th, when Congress will get to voting on that day]

Art © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

Wednesday, December 13th,2017

Patchwork Peryton [My First Time Sewing]
Special Announcement:

Today is the first time in my life I had used a sweing machine!

That's right! I did some SEWING for the very first time.

I've been hoping to come up a pillow project in my opportunity center one day. Eventually, last week, I got into trimming a shape I wanted. Like this image of a Peryton [That stag and bird hybrid I've mentioned to you guys months back].

I was supervised before using the machine and then, I did the rest!

This is the front case of this pillow for a start. My staff members wanted me to present this to my folks, and even to you guys! After today and so, I'll return it and do more on it.

Just thought I'd show you guys this very item that is from my first sewing experience!

I've never been so jolly lately! ^V^

Photo-shot on Monday, December 11th, 2017

Artwork © Josiah Shockency [JCS]

Psycharpax Concept Art 8
You guys remember that comic epic, BATRACHOMYOMACHIA, aka THE BATTLE OF THE FROGS & MICE? That story with that battle due to the death of Prince Psycharpax from drowning when King Physignathus [king of all frogs] dive down to escapre from a water snake?

Well, I've been thinking of going back to do more of this fun project.

Perhaps I should produce this into a series that focuses on that mischevious prince. Since you guys remembered that in my version he will not drown, I thought this idea should set after the events of the "battle". This might expose some kind of spoiler of my main project, but hey! It's totally worth mentioning how I would make this.

I'm almost done. It so happens that there are characters who I think that are mentioned, but long gone. In other words, dead. So I might draw those who are, what I think, alive in the story. So at this moment, here are some more that I have drawn on here today.


Troxartes/ Troxartas (pronounce: Trocks-art-toss]: father of the Prince Psycharpax [Bread-Eater]
* My Version: A handsome yet serious ruler of all the mice. He never likes the way how his son is always getting himself into trouble. Two previous sons of his [from the actual epic] were dead and he doesn't want his 3rd one to die. One died from being eaten by a cat and the other died from a trap made by men. He gets a bit short-tempered. He attacked the frog king and tries to get him, but he was gone. During that time, he was winning until the crabs showed up. His army fled while leaving the king was the only one left. Before he gets demised, he heard some hollers. He sees his son with the frog king all alive. The war ended and he apologized to the king for this senseless fight. He and the frog ruler formed up a peace treaty and alliance.

Tyroglyphas / Tyroglyphus: father of Embasichytras [Cheese-Scooper]
* My version: He is a rather unhappy, yet seriously bold war hero who had ever been involved in various of battles with his son, Embasichytras. He has lots of scars and bruises that he has from a fight. Just like Crissodioctes, Troglodyes, and Troxartas, he can be very furious if provoked. He got injured [instead of killed] by Limnisius near the shore

King Physignathus : King of all frogs [Cheek Sweller]
* My Version: The ruler of all frogs who was intrigued by Prince Psycharpax and wants to take him to his kingdom. Unfortunately, while he carries the prince on his back during his swim, a water snake emerged. Blinded with irrational fear and his froggy reflexes, he dives down, forgetting all about Psycharpax. When he was away from the snake, he was aware of the mice that want to destroy his kind for the death of their prince. For the sake of defense, he went to lead the battle. During the fight, he eventually was encountered by King Troxartes and tried to flee; however, he got caught by the instep and got wounded. Before he could get killed, he fled and drove into the water. As he tried to flee, he heard the sound of Prince Psycharpax calling for help. He sees him being held up onto a cattail. Surprised to see the mouse is still alight, he thinks of taking him to the field,regardless of his injured foot. As he was heading back, the crabs tried to end this fight and scare off the mice. Before they could, they all see the mouse alive.The battle ended and the king apologized for leaving him in the water.


I'm impressed to see how I am still fixated in drawing these guys. There is still more to come for the rest of the cast in my own rendering. Perhaps this ought to be "THE ADVENTURES OF PSYCHARPAX'.

Personal Note: I originally planned to have those kings [Troxartas and Physignthus] to be the last ones, but apparently, I've forgotten one more. But I also felt like redoing the concept on Lichonipax, the mouse who spot the prince drowning. Like making Lichonipax a male originally instead of a woman.


Epics and tales from Ancient times like in Greece have been retold for many ages. Like all elements from mythologies and legends, they are and always will be in PUBLIC DOMAIN. However, creating your own version and style will create a copyrighted element to you. Thank you for taking notice of this.

Character concept and revising adaptation / my version of Troxartes, Tyroglyphus, and Physignathus © Josiah Shockency aka JCS

[Thursday, December 7th -] Sunday, December 10th, 2017




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Last night, I have calculated how many characters there are in that "BATRACHOMYOMACHIA" [or THE BATTLE OF THE FROGS AND MICE] epic...

Either dead, alive, or just mentioned....

15 mice

18 frogs

2 gods [like Zeus and Athena]

And a herd of crabs.

Aside the crabs and the gods, here is the total....

+ 18

(34, if adding Zeus and Athena)

Well, there were a lot of frog characters that were only made to be killed in the original.

Quite a cast total, huh?


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For years I love cartooning and do artwork! Like back in the year 2000, I became interested in art and drawing! My skills went pretty good until the the time like 2003 or 2004, I became interested in cartooning! Chappy the Cat, Mario the Mario, and Josiah the Guard Ghost became the first J.C.S characters I created in September 2004! Years of doing cartoons later than I made more cartoons during the following years: Marvin and Mike Mouse (2005), Tarfild (2005), Toony Friends (2006), Margaret and Geraldine (2007), CARTOONS (2007), Greene (2009), and many more into today! Thus, I will never retire my favorite career!:D I like old school cartoons and all kinds!;) Yes, I like Disney, Warner Brothers, and all kinds of cartoons from the past to the present! I even like voice-acting, animating, singing, dancing, and lots of talents I had! I still LOVE to cartoon! That's why there's Josiah Shockency or you can say my initials, J.C.S! :)

Of course, I had high-functioning autism, so yeah, I AM autistic, but not really! Mine's is going very well! ;)

I was born on March 4, 1996! ;)

Yes, my goal and dream is to make or produced cartoons in traditional way! In other words, I love to make it old-school'd! Like Disney, WB, etc. I always adore it! Never gonna stop! XD Believe me!

Yes, I am a Christian and I feel so happy about it! ^V^

I'm part Irish and Mexican, although I am somehow part Dutch and British, because of my 12th great grandfather, William Bradford, the Governor of the pilgrims and the Mayflower back in the 1600s.

Terranol :iconterranol: is my little brother, Caleb Shockency! Mike Mouse is my brother's character! ;P

My closest friend, Abigail Johnson, known as Chuchumunga :iconchuchumunga: , but now, Amireely :iconamireely: and is also Maggie Bunny, plus owns Tuffy Bunny!

Another friend of mine, Zachary Dodge :iconsonicfanboy95:

And here's my friend, Zachary Rigins :iconssbbmaster4213:

Also, my dear friend, Brandon Hale: :iconlebrandonhale:

Along with my friend from my college, Christian :iconfireriolu:

Remember, every cartoon I did is rated G : (General)! ;D

Plus, if you want to be a JCS fan or something, join up or check out this club: :iconjcscartoonsclub:

Not to mention....since I'm a Topps' WACKY PACKAGE fan, I decided to open up a club for all Wackies (fans or members of the club) : :iconwackypackagesfanclub:

Also a club for all the sports-oriented events on the Summer and Winter Olympics, FIFI WORLD CUP, PARALYMPICS, etc. :icontheolympicgamesclub:


These pictures are protected under the laws of Josiah Shockency (JCS), of the United States of America and other countries.Any unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution or use may result in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.

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All the cartoons, all the names, or any similarity of these are trademarks to JCSCARTOONS.

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Current Residence: Visalia, California
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Personal Quote: "Well, Good Golly!"

Favorite Cartoonists:

Derrick Fish :iconderrickfish:
Mike Kazaleh :iconmkaz:
Favorite Pokemon: Buizel :iconbuzielplz:

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